Annual Native Plant Sale

We are making plan now for the 2024 Native Plant sale. Please contact Janet Happ if you have any questions and / or you have specific plants you would like to see offered in the sale.


5 Native Plant Kits, Prairie Gardens and Rain Gardens are available for purchase in 2023 Order Online HERE or print form HERE and mail to:  Geneva Lake Conservancy., PO Box 588, Fontana, WI  53125

For the past several years GLC has been selling milkweed and pollinator plants to provide habitat for the declining Monarch butterflies.  We are again joining the Conservation@Home movement to help promote and create wildlife-friendly yards and offering WILDFLOWER GARDEN KITS  that includes a selection of five native wildflowers to plant in your yard. We are also offering Rain and Prairie gardens, each will have 64 native plants and cover between 75 – 125 square feet.

You don’t need a dedicated wildflower garden or large area to be successful in attracting and feeding a variety of songbirds, butterflies, bees and other beneficial wildlife. You can create spaces for environmentally-friendly plants around your house or in among your favorite annuals.  These plants are seasonal, and many are tall, so they can fill in early spring bare spots, or add  height and color to the back of your annual garden.  Unlike your annuals, they will bloom again year after year and help contribute to the ecological health of our region.  All of these native plants need full or partial sun.  Each plant will be 2 – 3 inched tall and ready to plant.  Instructions will be included.


YES – PLEASE ORDER the following kits for me.

_____ KIT 1 – $15 – includes one each of Columbine, Rudbeckia (black-eyed Susan), Monarda (bee balm), Pale Purple Coneflower and New England Aster. Learn more about KIT 1 HERE.


_____ KIT 2$15 – includes Wild Geranium, Penstemon (Foxglove Beardtongue ) Purple Prairie Clover, Golden Alexander and Prairie Coreopsis. Learn more about KIT 2 Plants HERE.


_____ KIT 3 $15 – for butterflies includes 1 common milkweed, and 2 each of Swamp (rose) Milkweed and Butterfly weed. Learn more about KIT 3 Plants HERE.


_____ KIT 4  $15 – DEER RESISTANT plants for a sunny area. Includes one each:  Nodding Pink Onion, Butterfly Weed, Spotted Joe Pye Weed, Wild Bergamot and Smooth Penstemon

_____ KIT 3 $15-DEER RESISTANT plants for partial shade area. Includes one each: Wild Columbine, Wild Geranium , Cardinal Flower, Tussock Sedge and Prairie Dropseed

_____ RAIN GARDEN KIT – $200 – Kit covers 75 – 125 square feet and includes 64 plants. Select Sunny or Partial Shade Rain Garden.

_____Sunny Rain Garden     _____Partial Shade Rain Garden

Plant List HERE.

Read about Rain Gardens HERE.


_____ PRAIRIE GARDEN KIT – $200 – Kit covers 75 – 125 square feet and includes 64 plants. Select Sunny or Partial Shade Rain Garden.

_____Sunny Prairie Garden     _____Partial Shade Prairie Garden