Land Protection

Town of Linn wetlandLand Protection is primarily accomplished by voluntary easement agreements between the Conservancy and a private landowner. A conservation easement is a way you can protect the environmental value of your land while continuing to own it. It is a legal agreement between a landowner and a nonprofit conservation group or public agency that limits the use of the land to ensure that the owner’s conservation goals for the property are upheld.

A conservation easement can guarantee that the trees on your land won’t be cut down, for instance, or that the proeprty will remain farmland.

Even if you sell your land or pass it on to your heirs, a conservation easement will protect it from losing the natural character that makes it so special.

Geneva Lake Conservancy Easements Facts:

  • The Conservancy has thirty one protected properties – a total of 1,972.04 acres!
  • Three properties, totaling 16.04 acres, are owned and managed by the Conservancy.
  • Twenty eight easements are held by the Conservancy totaling 1,956.0 acres.
  • The properties range in size from 0.8 acre to 415 acres

Click here to view a map of GLC protected properties

Click here to see a graph of the number of acres preserved by GLC since 1977

Click here to read about three farm easements that are now under GLC protection!

Click here to review GLC’s Policy for Acceptance of Conservation Easements



To learn more about conservation easements call Geneva Lake Conservancy (262 275 5700) or email