Lesser Celandine

Lesser celandine, common name fig buttercup, has yellow flowers in the early spring and smooth green kidney-to heart- shaped leaves in basal clusters.

Lesser Celandine (Ranunculus ficaria) is an escaped European garden plant that has spread rapidly in a few areas in Southeastern Wisconsin, where it eliminates wildflowers and alters forests. You can help by controlling this plant on your property if it is present, and encouraging your neighbors to do the same.  More information on lesser celandine is below.

Lesser celandine forms a thick carpet of continuous growth, crowding out other plants, as seen in this woodland.

Lesser celandine information sheet


More information below on Lesser celandine and other invasive species. Included is a link to the 3-4-21 webinar, Take Action to Keep Our Lakes Healthy, including a recording as well as presenters slides and information sheets.