Loch Vista – DNR Hearing Statement, September 26, 2017

Statement read at the DNR hearing on the Loch Vista Pier Application, September 26, 2017

The Geneva Lake Conservancy is responding to the pending application for the proposed pier application submitted by Loch Vista Club to relocate and reconstruct portions of its existing pier located in Geneva Lake in the bay of Williams Bay, Wisconsin. Specifically, the Conservancy is objecting to the request of Loch Vista Club to extend the pier to a length of 210 feet.

Under the authority of Wis. Stat. Sec. 30.13 (3), the Village of Williams Bay has established a pierhead line by creating Section 12.01 (8) of the Code of Ordinances of the Village of Williams Bay. Pursuant to subpart (b) of the ordinance, the pierhead line is established as being 100 feet waterward from the shoreline.  As required by Wis. Stat. Sec. 30.13 (b), the pierhead line was established by the Village of Williams Bay in the interest of preservation and protection of the many piers within the waters of the bay.

At http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/waterways/recreation/piers.html, under the “Pier Planner” section, applicants are specifically instructed to “contact your municipality to see whether it has a pierhead line ordinance”.

The existing pier length is disproportionate to the Loch Vista lake frontage, which is 75 feet. Additionally, the existing pier is disproportionate to the piers of surrounding lake front residences.

In order to reduce the shading impacts from the pier and slip areas to littoral zone vegetation, has the Loch Vista Club explored alternative layouts/pier configurations that reduce the foot print and waterward extent of the pier?

Under no circumstances should any ramp encroach the side yard of the property immediately to the north. A 12.5 foot sideyard needs to be established.

Under no circumstances should the navigation ability/rights of the grandfathered pier(s) to the north be impaired or restricted.

Required lighting at the end of a lengthened pier will negatively impact nearby Yerkes Observatory and the Dark Sky Initiative currently undertaken by a number of organizations within the Geneva Lake area.

Should this application be approved by the DNR, it should be done with a deed restriction being placed on the property such that none of the mooring buoys being removed can ever, in the future, be replaced.

In closing, the Conservancy requests that this pier application be denied in that there is an inadequate benefit to the public right to the navigable waters of Geneva Lake and greatly increases shade created by piers which is detrimental to fish habitat and aquatic vegetation.

Thank you for your consideration of the concerns of the Geneva Lake Conservancy.