Use of Aquatic Herbicides

Use of Herbicides for Management of Aquatic Plants/Organisms

Use on lakes and streams of herbicides for aquatic plant management, and all other pesticides for that matter, pose a degree of risk for people, for fish, and for the integrity of the aquatic ecosystem which depends on that body of water.  The Geneva Lake Conservancy advocates for environmental responsibility, and, as such, could only support the minimal use of herbicides and pesticides, in extraordinary circumstances, to control serious aquatic invaders (plants and organisms).

Risks and benefits of using a particular herbicide/pesticide need to be weighed against the risks and benefits of not doing so.  Additionally, risks and benefits associated with alternative methods of controlling an invasion must be considered.

Once a determination is made that the use of a particular herbicide/pesticide would be of benefit rather than a risk, application must be done with the proper permits and supervision of all applicable governmental entities.  All work must be conducted by an experienced company, duly licensed to perform such applications.