Our Mission

Our Mission:

The mission of the Geneva Lake Conservancy is to protect and restore the lands and waterways of Walworth County and beyond.

Our Goals:

Woodstone PrairieShape responsible growth and development in Walworth County. Set aside land for open space, natural values, and agricultural production.

Educate others on the need for a sustainable balance among agriculture, commercial, residential and recreational uses to preserve the area’s unique character and quality of life.

Our Services – The Conservancy’s mission and goals are carried out in three principal ways:

  • Advocacy for policies, planning and land use decisions that protect lakes, wetlands, prime farmlands, natural areas, environmental corridors and historic landmarks, and that discourage urban sprawl.
  • Support of conservation development in planned growth areas.
  • Work with landowners to devise conservation easements or other protective measures for their properties.

As a fundamental principle implied by its mission statement, the Geneva Lake Conservancy supports environmentally appropriate development and development that is in keeping with the character of Walworth County communities. “Environmentally appropriate” is defined as development that is farsighted, good for the area, environmentally responsible and economically beneficial to the community as a whole.

Sugar Creek PreserveThe Geneva Lake Conservancy will address any issue within southern Walworth County that it deems to be consistent with its mission and not in conflict with the efforts of another conservancy organization. The Conservancy’s primary geographic focus is the land around the body of water known as Geneva Lake.